RCF/HL Gauge

Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) and Head Loss (HL) Gauge

  • Rail Height (expected current) and consequent loss of height
  • Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) in millimetres
  • Head Wear Gauge
  • Side Wear on Gauge Corner
  • Robust with easy to clean surfaces
  • No moving or sensitive electronic parts
  • One gauge replaces several similar tools
  • Repeatable results with three non-wearing reference points
  • Reference charts of wear limits are available and individually configurable
  • Loads and measures from Field side to avoid issues with worn (sagging, plastic) gauge corner
  • Measures in Switch and Crossing sets where rail foot is inaccessible
  • Matching rail profiles for plugs can be selected by maintenance crews
  • No difficulty with obstructive ballast, sand or snow
  • Quick to operate for use in live traffic

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Accurate calibration
Easy to use tool
RCF measurement
          Side wear measurement

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